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Shingles are your home’s first line of defense from storms, hail, rain, and wind. You might even call them the heroes of home protection because they are built to withstand everything life’s tempests can throw at them. So how do you know if your shingles are not performing as they should?

In most cases, homeowners do not need to go up on the roof to spot signs of trouble with their asphalt shingles. In fact walking on the roof is discouraged not only for your safety but also because failing shingles can be further damaged by foot traffic.

Most roof damage can be detected through a visual inspection of the roof from your home’s exterior. For this article, we are only going to address issues related to asphalt shingles in Michigan. The first place to start and the easiest way to inspect your asphalt shingled roof is to walk around the outside of your home.

As you walk around your house, look at the roofing and gutters. Are there any missing shingles? These should be easy to spot since there will be a disruption in the visual pattern in relation to the rest of the roof. After many years of roofing in Michigan, we have noticed that both our winter and summer storms are strong enough to tear shingles off of the roof. Other signs of asphalt shingle damage and wear are curling and/or erosion of the granules from the surface of the shingle.

Observe the condition of the shingles themselves. How does the surface of each shingle look? Do some areas have a different texture? Is the decorative colored surface worn away with the darker undersurface showing through? Are the corners and edges of the shingles curling up?

As the asphalt shingles go through year after year of hot/cold cycles and just generally age, the asphalt material loses some of its adhesion. When this happens the granules are more susceptible to wear from the elements. Often loss of granules is an indicator that your roof is aging and roof repair is probably not very far off, especially with the volatile Michigan weather.

Curling and cupping is a more serious indicator that a roofing installation is in your near future.

We inspect a lot of roofing in Southeast Michigan and we know first-hand that even with the best roofing materials and the most skillful installation eventually every roof ages. When you see the warning signs noted above, it’s time to call Roof-Rite, Inc., your expert Michigan roofing contractor for a free inspection and estimate.

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Having spent several years working in marketing with a leading shingle manufacturer, Jim Brown decided to branch out on his own in the late 1990s.


Jim felt that he needed to offer his employees an environment that embraced a high level of ethics, professionalism and that made customer service a cornerstone of the company identity.

As a testament to this commitment, Roof-Rite has steadfastly maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1999!

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