Feel Confident with Roofing Services by Roof Rite

Feel Confident with Roofing Services by Roof Rite

With Roof-Rite, Inc., you can feel confident with any information you receive from our team.  For example, our project managers attend on-site tours, training and certification sessions conducted by the manufacturers of the products we install on your home or business building.  Each project manager has not only visited the facilities to see the actual manufacturing process of shingles, siding, and ventilation products, but attended training sessions and completed numerous certifications to demonstrate their knowledge of the products, as well as the proper methods for safe installation.   You can be sure that any explanation we provide regarding material composition and proper installation is relevant and accurate. The photo below is our team at the CertainTeed Vinyl Siding plant in Jackson, MI.  Despite the many years of industry experience each of has, we all attend training and certifications sessions as often as necessary to stay abreast of new technology.


In the picture above, I am second from the left.  My Name is Pam Brown and I am the Operations Manager, as well as a Sales Consultant.  I’ve been with Roof-Rite since 2008 and as a woman, in a mainly male dominated field, I have been tested time and time again on my knowledge base as it pertained to the job at hand.  For many years, one part of my responsibilities was meeting with the homeowners to educate them and ask them to trust us with their project.   I once had a customer in Novi, MI who had a very technical background and had also built his own home.  His shingles were deteriorating, and several shingles were missing.  After I finished measuring the roof we sat down to review the figures.  The client disagreed with the amount of shingles I had calculated to re-roof his house.  He said that he had the blue prints and I was wrong.  I agreed that it could be possible that I had made an error, and asked him to bring out the prints.  After quite a bit of time at the kitchen table, with the scale ruler I just happened to have with me, we were able to determine that his original assessment did not take into account the two-foot eaves that surrounded the home of his hip roof.  Needless to say, he was impressed with my knowledge level and Roof-Rite installed yet another beautiful roof in the Novi, MI area.

While many roofing contractors do not take the time to train their staff, Roof-Rite believes in creating a team environment.  Some contractors hire staff who’s only experience is that they helped someone once with a roof replacement, and they also have a truck and a ladder.  Jim Brown, (furthest left in the above photo) is the owner of Roof-Rite, and also my husband.  Prior to founding Roof-Rite he worked for the largest manufacturer of shingles.  When I came to Roof-Rite, my experience was more office and accounting related.  Nonetheless, my original role was as the ‘face’ of Roof-Rite, Inc.   When I was meeting with prospective and current clients, I needed to be able to rely on the expertise of my team and our crews.  By leveraging the knowledge that our employees had from prior positions, we have created an exceptional team and I don’t ever have to doubt their expertise.  Todd Miller, (3rd from left) came to us with a good background in construction.  He also had experience working at a Distributor from whom we still purchase materials today. Joel Knight, (4th from left) had a sales background in a completely different field.  Jim wanted to train him on the Roof-Rite way and mold him to educate the client, rather than just sell a roof.  Joel has embraced this philosophy and excels today.  Shoane Scannell, (5th from left) started with us in 1999 on a roof crew installing shingles.  He is now in charge of our repair division.  In fact, many of the shingle repairs are handled by him personally. Whether it’s just a few shingles or some that need repair, Shoane gets it done quickly.  Larger repairs are handled by our designated crews and Shoane is instrumental in training those crews out in the field.  His expertise is amazing.  Chet Simpson, (furthest right) is my son.  When Chet suffered a hand injury, he was no longer able to continue working at the same position.  He was bored and housebound.  However, he began to ride alongside me as I called on customers and measured roofs.  Now, 5 years later, he has ensured that more customers are involved with Roof-Rite than any other project manager. Roof-Rite cares about our team.  We value their knowledge and expertise and allow them to use it to the fullest so that our clients receive not just the best roof, but the best roofing experience when they choose Roof-Rite.

Pam Brown

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