Five Things Every Contractor Should Provide Before They Start Work

Five Things Every Contractor Should Provide Before They Start Work

1. Builder’s License

A builder’s license is issued by the state of Michigan to ensure the contractor is competent to replace your roof. It exists to protect homeowners from inexperienced roofers who typically won’t invest in earning a builder’s license. In most cities, a builder’s license is required to pull the appropriate permits from the local municipalities, and, without a permit, no work can legally take place at the residence.

Under no circumstances should you ever allow someone without a builder’s license work on your home! I provide a copy of my builder’s license with every proposal packet so my clients know that I’m the real deal and that all the appropriate permits will be pulled for their project.

2. Insurance Paperwork

Roofing is the third most dangerous occupation in the world, so liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are both requirements for a roofing company. Your roofer’s liability insurance protects your home and landscaping, and worker’s compensation is critical in case a worker is injured while working on your home; without it, the injured worker could seek damages from your homeowner’s policy.

I provide copies of my insurance certificates and my insurance company’s phone number so it can be verified. I want my clients to have complete peace-of-mind when it comes to choosing me as their residential roofing contractor.

3. No Deposit

No reputable roofer would ever take a deposit up front. If your roofer is asking for a materials deposit, this is a red flag that he isn’t established enough to carry his own insurance and builder’s license. This is a good time to double-check things and put it in a call to his insurance carrier to make sure things are on the up-and-up.

4. Better Business Bureau rating

The Better Business Bureau issues ratings for businesses and allows consumers to search its database for those ratings when, say, choosing a contractor. I include this information in my company’s proposal packet because I want my clients to know that Roof-Rite carries an A+ rating with the BBB. All reputable roofing companies have a BBB rating and should provide you with their rating up front.

5. Angie’s List Rating

Angie’s List is a pay service that works much like the BBB, but specifically for contractors. They, too, have a rating system, and for the same reasons, this should also be disclosed by any reputable contractor.

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