5 Signs You Roof May Be Failing and Needs Repair or Replacement

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The roof on your home is the first line of defense against the weather. As rain, snow, ice, and other weather elements attack the roof each day it’s important to have the roof performing as it should to continue to protect your home. Sometimes however, the roof can fail and when it does, getting it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible can help to prevent loads of damages to the home. In this blog post are 5 things that are signs that your roof may be failing and need to be repaired or replaced. 

5 Signs You Roof May Be Failing and Needs Repair or Replacement

Most of the following tips can be done from the ground and you should not go onto your home’s roof. Going on your roof is very dangerous and should only be done by qualified professionals. Plus, you may actually do more damage by going onto your home’s roof. Call us at Roof Rite for a roof inspection if you think your home’s roof is damaged and in need of repair or replacement. Here are some things you can look for as a home owner that are signs you need roofing services.

5 Signs You Roof May Be Failing and Needs Repair or Replacement

1 – Leaks Inside Your Home

If your home has a leak that comes from the ceiling, chances are you’ll need a roofing repair on your home. Sometimes the leak is not as bad and may not actually have water leaking into the home. Usually, with any roof leak there is a discoloration on the ceiling which is usually brown in color and the drywall will be moist to the touch. If you notice a discoloration such as this on your home’s ceiling, then chances are you have a roof leak.

2 – Missing Shingles on Your Home’s Roof

During storms and high winds, lots of damage can occur on your home’s roof. This is especially true the older your roof gets. As the wind gets higher it can cause the shingles on your home’s roof to move, bend, and even break. When the shingles are broken they may be blown completely from the roof leaving the roof with ‘blank’ spots where the missing shingles were located. A leak may not appear initially when this happens, but will develop later is almost a certainty.

3 – Areas in the Roof Are Sagging or Holding Water

For homes that have a shallow pitch roof one problem that may plague your roof is sagging areas that hold water. Alternatively, if your roof has lots of debris on it the creates pockets of water, both of these conditions can lead to a roof leak. Always make sure your roof is free from debris and if you notice areas which are holding water on your roof it’s likely time to get a replacement.

4 – You Find Bits and Pieces of Shingles in Your Yard or Gutters

As I mentioned before, storms and wind can blow and break shingles from the roof. Sometimes these bits and pieces of shingles land in the yard of your home. Other times they fall into gutters. In either case, it’s important to get the roof inspected and repaired when this occurs. It’s important to look around your home after a major wind storm has occurred to ensure that you don’t have any bits and pieces of shingles. If you do find any parts of shingles be sure to check the color of the shingles against your roof as it may have been blown from neighbors homes.

5 – You Notice Leaks in the Attic

Did you notice a spot in the attic that looks as if there is a leak? Maybe you’ve seen sunlight coming through the surface of your roof in the attic. If you find any type of moisture such as saturated insulation it’s important to get it checked. Your roofing ventilation may also need to be checked if the humidity in the attic is very high.

Keeping your roof in good working condition means being aware of problems that may be arising on your home’s roof. If you suspect there is a problem with your roof in the Walled Lake Michigan or surrounding areas be sure to call Roof Rite at (248) 668-9151. We offer free roofing estimates and have roofing professionals standing by to help.

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