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Roof-Rite is pleased to offer residential siding, shutters, and garage doors to its offerings.

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Types of Residential
Home Siding

Siding is like a roof for the walls of your home; it insulates from the wind and keeps water and rain out. There are a few different types of siding: wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement. Whether you need siding for a new construction or remodel to update faded or damaged siding, we can match your home's current look or update to a brand-new aesthetic.

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Shutters for Home
Siding Projects

Generally, shutters are installed for aesthetic value alone, although there are functional types as well. Whichever you choose, a variety of colors and styles are available.

home with cream siding and brown roof

Reliable Garage Doors To Match Home

Garage doors often take a beating in daily life. Whether you're replacing one that has been damaged by your newly licensed teenager, or you just want a fresh look, again, we offer a variety of styles and we color-match them to your home.

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